Rugged Hard Disk Drive

MIL GRADE RUGGED 3.5” Hark Disk Drives
Drop-in RUGGED replacement for standard 3.5” hard drives

  • Drop-in, rugged COTS replacement for standard 3.5” low profile disk drives
  • IDE interface
  • Shock and vibration protection even when removed from the host platform
  • Extreme temperature, altitude and humidity performance
  • Much greater storage density than solid state at less than 10% of the cost per gigabyte
Conventional hard disks are typically the weakest link preventing COTS-based computer systems from reliably operating in extended altitude, humidity, temperature or vibration / shock environments. Solid-state disk alternatives are prohibitively expensive and do not offer the same storage density as hard disks. These RUGGED HARD DISK bridge the gap between conventional hard disks and expensive solid-state solutions, providing much of solid-state’s performance in a conventional 3.5” disk form factor.
Features Interface IDE, SATA
40 or 80 Gbytes capacity sets a new standard for rugged storage density in a standard 3.5” disk envelope. Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
0 to 500C
-200C to +750C
Standard ATA interfaces allow drop-in replacement of conventional 3.5” low profile drives. Humidity -20 to +3oC, 95% RH
Internal vibration and shock isolation system protects the disk even when removed form the host. Vibration MIL-STD-810F
Sealed disk enclosure shields sensitive components from humidity, dust and altitude. EMI /EMC MIL-STD-461C
Active thermal management assures reliable performance on hot and cold environments. Form Factor 3.5”

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