Rugged Exchange

SPECIFICATION: Rugged Enclosure for exchange
Light weight Enclosure made from sheet metal and milled components to meet MIL specifications and or Human Portable(Back Pack) some of the feature’s are as below
  • Isolated electronic Card Cage mounted on vibration mounts inside the cabinet
  • Hinged front door for easy maintenance of electronics
  • Backlight keypad for night vision
  • User interface display
  • Steel tube handles on rear and front designed to protect connectors and switches
  • Tilting base to view and operate the system at an angle from the surface

Meets JSS 55555 - L2B:
Temperature Operational :  -10° to +55° C
Storage :  -30° to +75°C
Vibration :  1.5G FOR 2Hrs (EACH AXIS)
DROP TEST :  1mt.
Bump :  4000 Bumps 2-3 bumps /sec

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