The Consoles is mainly used in industries for enclosing monitors & CPU, Cabinet. A console creates a dust-free environment in which heat-generating computer or communication Equipment may be kept ventilated by the use of efficient. Equipment is protected from accidental kicks, knocks and collisions.

CONSOLES DESIGN: Design concept of our console is ease of operator access to his equipment. Front an easy to mount the monitor parameters; the rear door is usually used for servicing the CPU or the monitor. Our approach to design consoles mainly stress to avoid discomfort, distraction, repetitive stress .conceptual development to final design, our needs to develop unique, fully integrated designs to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of each client with special requirements for equipment mounting and operator interface with their facility systems.
FUNCTION: The function of an industrial console is very different from the function of an office area. Round-the-clock shifts, continuous monitoring of parameters, taking very important decisions. The heightened security, and specially trained personal making high-stake operational decisions are fundamental characteristics that must be reflected in an appropriate console design. While workstations are a viable solution for offices, where they are usually installed against the wall of a workspace, the functional demands of a control center demand a strong, stand-alone console configured to meet the specific spatial and functional requirements of its important setting.

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- Rugged Printers

The RPT-MES4A-LJ Rugged Laser Jet Printer has been specifically designed and manufactured to function in extreme military conditions where reliable printing is essential. The Printer is made in a such a way that cartridge can be easily removed allowing easy maintenance and repair.  more..

- Rugged Switch

The RPC Series Industrial Ethernet Switch offers outstanding performance and ease of use. It is ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial, Security and/or Military Equipment.  more..

- Rugged Racks

The RPC Series Rugged computer offers outstanding performance and ease of use. It is ideally suited for Mission Critical Operations in Industrial, Security and/or Military  more..

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