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MILTEC is a leading innovator of mobile rugged technology for military and government markets. By basing its solutions on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products, MILTEC delivers the best quality systems using the latest technology with the lowest possible lifecycle costs.

From rugged systems to complete industrial grade server racks, MILTEC has developed a superior range of rugged equipment, designed and built to withstand the harshest of environments. All of its rugged products are subject to rigorous testing in environmental testing facility.

MILTEC goes beyond just off-the-shelf solutions to deliver user-specific systems for mission critical applications

Rugged Product Division maintains a comprehensive design engineering capability, and can transform your existing product or system to achieve compliance with unique mechanical, electrical or environmental requirements; tailored to MIL-STD 810F,JSS55555 , MIL-STD 461D,MIL –STD 461E and other applicable standards.

Workstations MILTEC have introduced a range of ruggedized workstations for mobile and stationary use, from ultra compact mobile units with quick-release mounting brackets and rack mount units, to a powerful mobile high-end server with detachable display and keyboard. These incorporate the latest computing technology in a lightweight, durable aluminum construction. This line also features products for law enforcement and public safety, i.e., Police and Fire Brigade vehicles.

Flat Panel Displays Our flat panel displays are based on mature COTS INDUSTRIAL GRADE LCD’S ruggedized for airborne, naval or land mobile applications. The display is based on wide temperature sunlight readable LCD's, with special fluid to wide temperature coated active components, designed for ultimate performance and reliability in the most demanding environments. On certain models, for special applications, the operational temperature range has been increased to -10°C / +55°C. Several flat panel displays are available with an optional hi-bright luminance, giving true sunlight readability at >1000 cd/m² and a high-reliability backlight with > 50.000hours MTBF, as well as a wide dimming ratio to allow NV-compatibility. Our Display’s are available in two different temperature ranges, qualified from -40°C to +55°C , and -20°C to +55°C, with an optional touch screen and anti-flicker performance which can be used certain naval applications.

Printers For mobile operation at ambient temperatures well below 0°C, the only reliable choice is a dot-matrix impact printer. Our Rugged Laser Printer is based on the proven HP LaserJet, modified to withstand shock and vibration as encountered in military environments. Available as tabletop or rack mount, EMI/EMC tailored to MIL-STD-461D.

All MILTEC rugged products are laboratory tested and designed to Def Stan 461C/D/E or Mil Std 810F,JSS-55555 as appropriate. Typical parameters:

  • Shock 15G or 30G/vibration 1G /1.5G
  • Temperature –20° C to +55° C
  • Drop 1 meter on to concrete
  • Dust/sand and snow proof
  • EMC Def Stan MIL 461/C/D/E

INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS .we are providing 19” Rack Mount Chassis, Storage, Wall Mount, and Compact PCI Enclosures To Industrial Automation Networking, ISP, Computer Telephony And Medical Field, From Custom Designed Rack Mount Chassis To Our Custom Designed Enclosures, MILTEC Products are being Perennially Recognized And Well Acknowledged By Our Customers As An Innovative And Cost-Effective Products. All Industrial Pc Products Are Stable And Made From Premium Quality Steel.Each system is put through our strict quality management team to ensure high standards and low failure rates.

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- Rugged Printers

The RPT-MES4A-LJ Rugged Laser Jet Printer has been specifically designed and manufactured to function in extreme military conditions where reliable printing is essential. The Printer is made in a such a way that cartridge can be easily removed allowing easy maintenance and repair.  more..

- Rugged Switch

The RPC Series Industrial Ethernet Switch offers outstanding performance and ease of use. It is ideally suited for connecting Ethernet enabled industrial, Security and/or Military Equipment.  more..

- Rugged Racks

The RPC Series Rugged computer offers outstanding performance and ease of use. It is ideally suited for Mission Critical Operations in Industrial, Security and/or Military  more..

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